None of the above?

Voter apathy or voter anger?

A load of ballots! A load of ballots!
Not long now, the elections will soon be over. What elections? What indeed! The elections for the EU Parliament, that's what. Have you seen a flag, a poster or anything that may get you out to vote? Many 'serious' UK based political commentators were slow to see the importance of the UK MPs expenses' scandal, very surprising that as it is a once in twenty-years type of event. They were equally slow to see that one of the by-products of this would be a fall in enthusiasm for the eu-elections.

Such is the mood of the public it would be a fool who tried to suggest that these elections are vital to us here in the UK. The public anger over expenses has become, some would say reverted, to anger towards politics in general. The public, the voter, wishes to send a message to the political establishment and abstaining from elections is one way of doing this. So voter turn-out for the Euro Parliament elections could be well down.

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