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A good reason to protest?

We are awash with underperforming institutions

So much to protest about!So much to protest about!
More student demonstrations; in a previous post we wrote about some aspects of the background to this, including the ridiculous, and possibly unsustainable, increase in higher education. While it's hard to see a justification for throwing fire extinguishers off the roof of the Tory HQ the fact is the students were lied to. Other people may say "so what, so were we", and then go on to explain about the promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. It's a fact it was the same government, the coalition, who lied to both students and other voters alike. Perhaps lying is what governments and their servants do; the default state? At the last demonstrations the police were made to look foolish. They claimed they were not ready or prepared for this. Are they telling the truth?

Education, education, education!

Learning the hard way?

Is university employment really that secure? Is university employment really that secure?
Naturally the Spectator finds it hard to say anything good about Gordon Brown, funny yes, good no! An article by David Blackburn was especially funny as it homed in on the attempt, or so it would seem, by Brown to get himself into the record books. When in government many people accused Brown of lying, well even in opposition (or should that be exile?) fantasy and the ex-PM are together. Brown is writing his memoirs and it's the size of the thing that's suspicious. Let Blackburn explain -

If you think your life’s an unremitting tragedy, pity the proof reader at Gordon Brown’s publisher. The late and unlamented Prime Minister has been out of office for 58 days, typing 10,000 words a day. That’s 580,000 words already. Tolstoy took 4 years and 460,000 words to write War and Peace, Cervantes needed 10 years and nearly 500,000 words to write Don Quixote, and the Bible is 783,000 words. 580,000 words typed by a partially sighted man with maybe 30 years to live.

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