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The UK's economic future, accident or design?

The EU leaves us with fewer options.

100% British bus.100% British bus.
Stephen Bayley, he is an expert on style and design but rose to wider prominence during the creation of the project now known as the Dome. It was the fall-out following his resignation from the steering committee that did the trick. Bayley was worried, saying of the Dome "it could turn out to be crap". He also said that Peter Mandelson was -"running the project like a dictator". Mandelson indicated that these remarks 'did not merit a response', thus we can conclude they are probably correct!

Now comes the tricky bit. Bayley has, like Mandelson funnily enough, come to the conclusion that the UK should do more manufacturing, who could disagree?

Scrapping reality

Wheels of fortune?

I'm happy with the old one I'm happy with the old one
Ten good reasons to like Alistair Darling anyone? Five then? Two? OK, there's one good reason and it's that Darling is saying no to Lord Peter Mandelson's car scrapping scheme. Following slavishly in the footsteps of his old EU chums the Germans, who do this, Mandy is keen to see such a scheme included in the upcoming budget. The Times has its version of these events HERE

The story is credited to both Suzy Jagger, Politics and Business Correspondent, and Francis Elliott, Deputy Political Editor. This is reasonable as the basic policy behind it is neither wholly politics nor business. It is a mishmash of 'me-too', following our EU partners and hence political in nature, while also giving, or trying to give, the nod to business. This lack of clarity is very Nulabour and more than just another internal spat; this one between Darling and Mandy, the Treasury and the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. Cynics will immediately spot that Mandy's fiefdom has the longer title. So it, one assumes, (he assumes?) appears sassier, more vital, urgent and modern; while Darling has just one word to describe his day job, how dull and boring, staid, conservative even.

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