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Guido Fawkes gives a detailed insight about how our media's relationship with the political world relies on it lying on its back and wagging its tail.

Daniel Hannan and Gordon Brown

Daniel Hannan

This has been ignored by the MSM, I wonder why?

You may have seen Gordon Brown making his speech at the EU gathering. You may have even read the speech, it was over-long and sad as it was nothing more than a "help me" plea from a drowning man. Even the most distant and disconnected EU staffer must have seen this.

Hannan does a very good speech and, so they say, exceeds the usual time limit allowed by the EU, not for him, unlike Brown, the opportunity to ramble from one platitude to the next.

But good as he is the best bit is the one second cameo appearance put in by Gordon Brown. Perhaps unused to being criticised in such a direct and accurate manner Brown seems to be unable to cope. He is seen writing and grinning as a way of showing he is neither annoyed or embarrassed. Which he clearly is. Roll on the G20?

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