Gordon Brown

Lifting people out of poverty and into debt?

A modern tragedy, madness not magic

Magic or madness? Magic or madness?
This is the week that Vaclav Klaus, much against the pain in his soul, signed the Lisbon Treaty into Czech law. It's an easy joke to say that Gordon Brown does not have a soul. But unlike Klaus, whose pain was clear, Brown crept through the back door to do his signing. Both leaders have been reduced as a result but only one retains his dignity. And this is the week that David Cameron pretends he has not had his nose rubbed in the dirt by being too clever by half on what his party would do about Lisbon.

This represents a huge loss. But then look at what is happening to our banks.

Kirkaldy man in a grump

How not to lead a country?

Lies this big Lies this big
Reports from the Pittsburgh G20 suggest that the Pittsburgh Police were hyperactive against the demonstrators and this was in direct contrast to the delegates attending, they achieved nothing. Well almost nothing, one delegate, a James Gordon Brown of Kirkaldy, managed to make a fool of himself. Then again perhaps that is not an achievement more like the default state. Kirkaldy man likes to tell us of how he “saved the world”, this fibbing has to stop, as one Barack Hussein Obama of Honolulu suggested the very same thing at the G20. As Honolulu man has more money this will tell in the end, so we should beware.

Flushed by his success at the G20 Kircaldy man prepared himself for another task, the Nulabour Party Conference. This would be different, Kirkaldy man would be the centre of attention. And so he was! Alas for all the wrong reasons.

Brown, Hesford and Scotland

The law of the land?

Two dumpsters together Two dumpsters together
The MP Stephen Hesford has resigned, and who's Stephen Hesford? He's a very junior part of Nulabour, but that's not the problem; so what is? Well he has resigned over the Baroness Scotland case and even that's just a part of the problem. For the real problem here is Gordon (bottler) Brown, again. The PM is quite happy for his employees, like Scotland, to introduce reams of poor quality legislation that will trap the unwary as much as the guilty, so he is responsible.

Some thoughtful people have said there is little point in a witch hunt aimed at Scotland, that's true enough, but it serves the purpose of getting back at Nulabour. It vents years of frustration built up by this sort of legislation being dropped on small businesses all over the UK. Scotland failed in a procedure to check that a worker had a legal right to be here. Now simple minded folk may recall when the UK controlled its own borders; perhaps the legal right to enter and work in the UK should be decided by people better qualified than an employer.

Sorry for what?

The pardon game

sorry about what? sorry about what?

Maths is a funny old subject, it has many enemies, usually this anti feeling starts at school and continues into adult life. There is the joke: “if I try to do mental arithmetic it makes my brain bleed”. But many people do excel at this subject, Alan Turing was exceptional. His progress through school and beyond was in fact hampered by this ability as it drew unfavourable comment from the masters. It also stood in the way of him getting a place at his first choice of college at Cambridge.

However, soon this very same ability allowed him to study in the USA and in the summer of 1938 he obtained his PhD from Princeton. Turing began work at Bletchley Park upon the outbreak of war and was involved with their work, but not always at Bletchley, until the war was over.

Nearly there with the economy?

Just hang on

Nearly there? Nearly there?
In free climbing you are obliged to hang on. We are told that Gordon Brown's idea of a good time is to watch videos of his favourite football team, Raith Rovers; but you never know, perhaps our PM has been watching free climbing and getting ideas, just hang on, onwards and upwards.

It was clear that this recession would come to an end at some point, they all do. It was also clear that Brown would try to cash in, rather like the surfer waiting for the wave to take them into the shore, a free ride. But enough of these sporting analogies, we all knew Brown would simply hang on, nothing skillful or noble just pathetic.

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