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Do these people know what they are doing?

Christine and George, but who is the expert?Christine and George, but who is the expert?
It is surprising to see the Guardian being so forthright about the EU. With this article they seem to have woken up to the reality behind the financial problems of Greece. Even so they are still behind the curve. By contrast both Christopher Booker and Liam Halligan have moved onto the future risks to the UK. However, the problems highlighted by Booker and Halligan did not arrive overnight. The situation the UK faces has been a long time coming, you might have thought an 'expert' would have spotted this and done something to soften the risk. Well two things to ponder, what is an expert? And what could they have done?

Let's start with another situation regarding John Kay, a former Director of the Halifax Build Society that eventually became known as HBOS. Back in the early part of 2009 he was giving evidence to the Parliamentary Treasury Select Committee.

Yet another look at the UK economy

Revolutions and earthquakes abroad could cause trouble at home

Made in the UKMade in the UK
The UK economy, how's it doing? Well Mervyn King is not exactly confident is he? There's less talk of domestic matters now since the revolutions in North Africa. These events are pushing oil prices to painful levels and it is this price rise that will cause all sorts of trouble. A recent post on EU Referendum suggests the older age group is to see a rise in debt problems. This age group tends to own a house so could be thought of as having great potential wealth. At the other end of the age range students will find university fees rise to the maximum permissible, so their debt burden will also. This means their grasp on the housing market further weakens unless house prices fall. This may well happen and for more on students debt problems see HERE.

The always fragile Buy-to-Let market sector could well be heading for trouble again, see HERE.

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