Nearly there with the economy?

Just hang on

Nearly there? Nearly there?
In free climbing you are obliged to hang on. We are told that Gordon Brown's idea of a good time is to watch videos of his favourite football team, Raith Rovers; but you never know, perhaps our PM has been watching free climbing and getting ideas, just hang on, onwards and upwards.

It was clear that this recession would come to an end at some point, they all do. It was also clear that Brown would try to cash in, rather like the surfer waiting for the wave to take them into the shore, a free ride. But enough of these sporting analogies, we all knew Brown would simply hang on, nothing skillful or noble just pathetic.

Daniel Hannan and Gordon Brown

Daniel Hannan

This has been ignored by the MSM, I wonder why?

You may have seen Gordon Brown making his speech at the EU gathering. You may have even read the speech, it was over-long and sad as it was nothing more than a "help me" plea from a drowning man. Even the most distant and disconnected EU staffer must have seen this.

Hannan does a very good speech and, so they say, exceeds the usual time limit allowed by the EU, not for him, unlike Brown, the opportunity to ramble from one platitude to the next.

But good as he is the best bit is the one second cameo appearance put in by Gordon Brown. Perhaps unused to being criticised in such a direct and accurate manner Brown seems to be unable to cope. He is seen writing and grinning as a way of showing he is neither annoyed or embarrassed. Which he clearly is. Roll on the G20?

Rebuilding our economy

But what type of economy do we want?

Sign of the times-again Sign of the times-again
And following on from the title and sub-title of this post, do the voters and taxpayers of the UK get a choice here? For at the moment it looks as if the great and the good, or if you prefer our politicians, are to form a world coalition with scant reference to their electorates to lead us out of a mess which just happened to start on their watch but for which, mysteriously, they are not responsible. Needless to say Gordon Brown is very keen on this.

In 1996 during a tour of America I saw numerous bumper stickers saying: "It's the economy, stupid". This was a key phrase from Bill Clinton's 1992 US presidential campaign that has stayed with us and not just stuck on the back of a pick-up truck. But then, from the dawn of democracy the health of the economy and so the 'feel good factor' has been vital to get the voters on side.

Now it's 2008 and voters in the UK are worried and the economy, if it too had feelings, would have turned from feeling good to feeling bloated with the effects of all that debt. As the current economic downturn is not the first to hit the UK, I'm suggesting that everyone over 30 years old normally resident in the UK knows what to expect next. But just in case anyone needs reminding, then the fear of unemployment heads up the list, as from this catastrophe the loss of the family home and even divorce may follow.

Reward the incompetents -

it's only public money

the screamthe scream

Adair Turner, chairman of the Financial services Authority, was testifying before MPs investigating the recent banking crisis, which forced ministers to use £37 billion of taxpayers money propping up British banks.Asked if he would pay bonuses to FSA staff who oversaw the banking system this year, see here, Lord Turner said that he would:

"We do have a bonus system. I am sure we will be paying some bonuses this year. They have earned it. They have done pretty good work.We have people who have been working extremely long hours and quite competently."

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