Listen up! Economist in lecture mode

An example of how NOT to do EU propoganda

Dull, so ineffective! Dull, so ineffective!
The Economist is in lecture mode, as usual. The online article HERE takes a well trodden path. There are, including the Economist, at least four heavyweight political magazines in the UK. The other three? The Spectator,Standpoint and New Statesman. Looking at the group through the eyes of the Economist and in reverse order we could say of the New Statesman, founded in 1913, is now avowedly left of centre; a thing the Economist tries very hard to avoid and not always successfully. It is also perpetually in campaign mode. Standpoint, as seen by the Economist, is the upstart as it did not begin publication until 2008. Being both younger and fresher it can take risks and dart about. It's very good and unpredictable. The Spectator is the grandfather of them all, first printed in 1828. This makes it senior to the Economist of 1843. It is also very funny and informative. Some pompous people think being lighthearted now and then is the same as being lightweight. In constantly striving to be 'serious' the Economist is blissfully unaware of the times when it is daft and worse, when it is dull.

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