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What future free speech for all?

The banana party shows its true colours

Sunset for some! (cartoon from the Times)Sunset for some! (cartoon from the Times)
First the tale of the Nulabour candidate, Stuart MacLennan, sacked (see HERE) for making remarks about a slew of political people, slaves and bananas. Normally when considering Nulabour and bananas we think of dear little David Miliband, fruit in hand, with that village idiot look on his face, a look honed to perfection over the years. Perhaps Miliband thought posing with a banana was 'the right thing to do', he may have even thought it was funny. He may even have a sense of humour. It is, however, a bit different with this MacLennan chap. He seems over-supplied with laddish tendencies and is convinced he is super funny. So what did he say and do wrong?

Here is what he said about some political people - John Bercow a "t**", Tory chief David Cameron a "t***", Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg "a b******" and MP Diane Abbot "a f****** idiot".

Tea cup coup, failed.

Nulabour old Leader

So elegant So elegant
Claus Philipp Maria Justinian Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler on 20th July 1944, the attempt failed, Hitler was almost the only survivor without injury. However, four people were killed and most others close by were severely injured; later von Stauffenburg was tried for treason and shot. As the attempt by Patricia Hewitt and Geof Hoon to get rid of Gordon Brown has failed, it's time to survey the damage and check for casualties.

Stopping the traffic in Beijing

Does Tony Blair have the courage?

Tony gets tough? Tony gets tough?
Our horribly pathetic Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has been giving us the benefit of his wisdom. He says the President of the EU should be “someone who stops the traffic in Beijing”. He also thinks the President should be Tony Blair. As a liar and war-monger Blair might be ideal but stopping the traffic takes real courage. I'm thinking of the images that went around the world of 'tank man'. Mind you if such a protest was attempted today in London I'm sure you would be shot by the Metropolitan Police!

Spin returns

More and better laughs

Red tie man needs help Red tie man needs help
I can say for a fact I did not know that Mandelson was coming back but did write this in 'How to fix banking' see HERE.

I would imagine Brown has a soft spot for the EU and looks fondly upon the interventionist policies of its élite. While we could never describe Brown as a friend of Peter Mandelson he is, to use that weasel word, a colleague. As we know Mandelson is one of the EU élite and so all is well, or is it?

As Nulabour is so short of real talent that even David Miliband is touted as a future Leader and as Peter Mandelson was soon to be out of a job the moves, chess style, were there for the contemplative folk to ponder.

Clapped out?

Entertaining, up to a point

Our Leader Our Leader
So its all over, the Nulabour fest is over for another year. I have posted before on the madness of the political party conference. It appeals only to the party faithful and the MSM the ordinary voter is not the target audience here. So, you may ask, why bother? Sheer indulgence I say.

Having plenty to do the day of Gordon's big speech I ducked out of listening direct to it on BBC Radio 4. This task fell to my partner who had the radio on in the next room. So all I could hear was the hammy and theatrical droning of the great man but, due to the distance, not the words. There was also the audiences applause. It was the latter that almost dominated the sound from afar and to my reckoning was at least 40% of the air-time. And again due to the distance sounded not like clapping but rain on a tin roof! There was one particular feature of this event that broke my concentration of my task in hand more than any other. It was the choice of key words trotted out mantra-style by the PM.

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