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David Cameron once declared that he was “heir to Blair”. Well it's heart-sink time again as Dave has promised all women short lists for the next election. The whole concept of AWSL is so horribly Nulabour you do wonder about our Dave sometimes. Is he hell-bent on annoying as many people as possible? In any group of people with even a mild interest in politics start a conversation about AWSL's and this brings forth a loud groan.

The excuses, there hardly a reasons, come thick and fast, for example -

Mr Cameron said there were “many very, very good women” on the Tories’ priority list of candidates who had not yet been selected and he wanted to give them a chance at the next election. Mr Cameron said the under-representation of women and black and ethnic minorities was a particular problem for the Conservative Party.

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Our Leader Our Leader
So its all over, the Nulabour fest is over for another year. I have posted before on the madness of the political party conference. It appeals only to the party faithful and the MSM the ordinary voter is not the target audience here. So, you may ask, why bother? Sheer indulgence I say.

Having plenty to do the day of Gordon's big speech I ducked out of listening direct to it on BBC Radio 4. This task fell to my partner who had the radio on in the next room. So all I could hear was the hammy and theatrical droning of the great man but, due to the distance, not the words. There was also the audiences applause. It was the latter that almost dominated the sound from afar and to my reckoning was at least 40% of the air-time. And again due to the distance sounded not like clapping but rain on a tin roof! There was one particular feature of this event that broke my concentration of my task in hand more than any other. It was the choice of key words trotted out mantra-style by the PM.

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