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The University of East Anglia’s webmail server has had a huge number of files hacked. The blogosphere claims that the emails and documents now available on the internet suggest that the Climate Research Unit (CRU) has been manipulating the temperature records so as to support the warming theory and to minimise evidence that shows the fact that the earth has been cooling for some time. The mainstream media has tried hard to ignore this story but some have shown interest: the Mail, a Telegraph blog, Nigel Lawson in the Times and Troy media which considers the hacking just a 'blip', see here. The Guardian won't even discuss any criticism of climate change as it considers it a secular religion and otherwise there is just silence with just the usual odd comment about Armageddon.

Climate sceptics

to go global?


Australia has a political party called climate sceptics which refutes man-made climate change and has some interesting videos by farmers who are obviously passionate about improving their land and their environment but have been prevented from so doing by big government and, amazingly, so-called green initiatives. The conclusions are reminiscent of the rural decline in Britain whereby funds and infrastructure are removed, big agro-business is rewarded and the CAP has taken over from national initiatives. I wonder whether this will spread like the pirate parties? Here is one of their adverts:

Global cooling?

Climate change?

Fish 'discards'CFPFish 'discards'CFP

Watts Up With That reports that:

New Zealand has had its coldest October in 64 years. Such a cold October has occurred only four times in the past 100 years, the last time in 1945.

In the USA the October temperatures were the 3rd coldest in 115 years.

The biggest snowstorm in 25 years hit central Europe with amounts up to five feet atop Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany. In Austria, two day snowfalls of 2-3 feet caused some ski areas to have their earliest-ever opening day. The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland were hit hard. Up to 20″ of snow fell in the mountains of the Czech Republic. Trees and power lines were toppled, with up to 700,000 customers without power during the unusual cold wave. In southern Poland three people froze to death

Facts and factoids - Alan Johnson and Professor Nutt

When policy and truth collide

Safer than Afghanistan? Safer than Afghanistan?
The yawning gulf between the public, our politicians and their advisers can be seen in the resignations from the official drugs advisory body. Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s dismissal of Professor David Nutt, the senior scientist on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, has turned into a major but predictable multi-dimensional upset for Nulabour. The MSM is full of this row between the government and the Advisory Council and for obvious reasons. First this is a wonderful story. Also its got, so some in the MSM think, the same sort of news value as another splash about Amy Winehouse.

Sing along with Stern

What a comedian

Sing up! Sing up!
First thing this morning The Times called its story by Lord Stern on becoming a vegetarian so as to save the world an 'exclusive', but it's also in the Telegraph and the Guardian! This is an attractive bit of 'news' for a sub-editor and I can imagine by noon all the papers will have it. It may have a grain of truth in it but it's so typically bossy-boots that it's being laughed at and rightly so. Wikipedia has him down as a nephew of Donald Swann, half of the Flanders and Swann duo. They were entertaining too, it runs in the family!

Now, if he'd talked about the environmental and immoral aspects of factory farming and fishing then he'd have had a point

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