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The warmists seem to have got together and produced a strapline, namely that climate is not the same as weather. Monbiot and Hickman in the Guardian tie themselves up in knots trying to prove that any weather can prove climate change and that anyone who doesn't believe them is a right wing fanatic. The scale of comments (1,375) section for once competes with the Daily Mail and they are mostly critical of Monbiot and friend. Surely the Conservative party would be wise to, at the very least consider, Climategate and the scientific arguments on both sides.

Bad propaganda

Top British (Blue Peter) science-god help us

Sir 'Redsunderthebed' KingSir 'Redsunderthebed' King

Ed Stourton has a series on climate change where he proves 'incontrovertibly' that the world is warming, see here. The programme tells us that peer review gives us sound evidence (no mention of those e-mails!); that Al Gore has provided beyond doubt that global warming exists (no mention of that court case) and that Hurricane Katrina was caused by climate change(no mention of those levées). Several neo-con, big oil Texan types are then interviewed who refute the science, proving that climate sceptics are a bad lot.

Anthony Watts then shows us a video experiment by a 'top' space scientist which proves beyond doubt that CO2 causes global warming! The 'experiment' proves how heating an unknown additional quantity of CO2 and ordinary air inside a bottle and comparing this to a heated bottle containing ordinary air scientifically demonstrates that CO2 causes global warming!!!

Paying not drowning

Lifting people out of poverty?

Drowning? Drowning?
As any comedian will tell you it's 'all about timing', the quality of the material matters less than the delivery. Well isn't that just like Copenhagen? With immaculate timing snow fell on Copenhagen and the warmists' big party. So while the weather is miserable and the low quality of the scientific data is disregarded, more money than is wise was wasted on this freak show and to hell with the aftermath.

You may think the money side of it is not important, wrong. Who is going to pay for this 'initiative'? Prince Charles says we only have seven years to save the planet. Where does he get that number, where's the proof? But then, as climate scientists make it up as they go along I suppose the heir to the throne might as well do the same. But the money side of it is serious.

Nation shall speak, sometimes

Selective broadcasting

Real warming, Booker's bookReal warming, Booker's book
When it comes to Climategate we all knew the MSM would attempt, via denial, to shove this into the corner. It's both an education and a bit of fun to see who is carrying this story and who is not. But it's the BBC that has gone all weird.

According to Richard North on EU Referendum, it is long-term global warming reporter, Christopher Booker who has pushed them over the edge, North says -

“Interestingly, Booker had a BBC radio broadcast (about his book) cancelled because of the controversy. It's not that they don't know – its head-in-the-sand time”.

Climate change and the perfect storm

The means justify the ends?

Storm over East Anglia?Storm over East Anglia?
One of the recurring themes of this website is the huge gap between the people of the UK and those who would govern them or who have a duty to perform on their behalf. Standing in the middle of this and looking on is the growing number of honest souls who seek to find the truth. Here you will find Christopher Booker and Richard North, they are not alone but typical. Both have written at length on the 'science' of climate change. Both will have witnessed the clamour of reporters, scientists and sundry folk to climb upon the band-wagon of climate change. Both would have earned more money had they done so, the revelations about the 'scientists' are HERE and HERE.

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