Blair and Iraq, lies and recollections

Chilcot gives Blair a chance, while the public heckle

This man will save the world?This man will save the world?
Poor old Gordon Brown, there he is "getting on with the job" but the wicked world ignores him. The London Afghanistan Conference is in full swing but it's all eyes on a certain Mr Blair. So while Brown deals with the events of today unseen, Blair is waffling on with his version of history. And doing so in that politico-camp style that, as time drags on, makes him more enemies than friends. One of the best funny/sad things is watching celebrities grow old but not up; television is awash with such people. Blair having now spent so much time out of UK politics, a lot of it in the US, where these mannerisms he has perfected are more tolerated, looks and sounds too much like a 1980's rock star to be taken seriously any more. It's all well and good Bob Geldorf and Bono wanting to save the world but it's a hobby for them, they have day jobs. Blair wanting to save the world is all he's got, that's his act and it's wearing thin.

Brown coward ducks out of Chilcot

Running scared?

It Ain't Half Hot MumIt Ain't Half Hot Mum
Gordon Brown will not give evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry until after the General Election, something to hide?

After a great deal of searching the best article by far on this subject is the one by Fraser Nelson writing in the Spectator - see HERE. Nelson has rightly been praised for his skill in questioning the PM on economic matters but now has branched out to include Defence, recommended reading.

And for our younger readers the title for the image is taken from the BBC comedy show of that name that ran from 1974. Very rare to see the PM without a jacket but common to see him using UK troops as political props. There will be a price for him to pay for this.

Can it get any worse?

The perils of low quality leadership and news reporting

The death of reporting?The death of reporting?
What is it about modern government? A conversation in a taxi turns out to be the root of the WMD farce and a significant part of the reason, or though others may say excuse, to invade Iraq. See HERE.

And now on an equally questionable basis we accept data from a climate research unit that attempts to - 'hide the decline'; some might call it fiddling, rather than engaging, in real science. It's behaviour like this that leads to the idiotic jamboree now being played out in Copenhagen.

Finding a part of public life that works, to the satisfaction of the public, as opposed to the ridiculous notion of self-approval is next to impossible.

Chilcot and Climategate, a helping hand?

Lucky man?

Myths and there peddlers
I wonder if Professor Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit is, ahem, feeling under the weather? While mounting accusations swirl around him and the entire tribe of climate 'scientists', the future looks bleak. However, I predict there will be something to lift the spirits this Christmas. A flurry of seasonal greetings cards from Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, UK Prime Minister 1997 - 2007, and family, will fall through some letter boxes any time soon.

Iraq, Chilcot takes a turn

And again and again and again

Better than the rest?Better than the rest?
If asked to suggest a 'best source' for information related to the Chilcot Inquiry it would be Richard North at EU Refrendum, latest post (26th November) HERE.

You may disagree with North but you can't discount him. The link above can also take you to his other website dedicated to military analysis. So this post on Chilcot is a waste of time? If you say so! But while the experts will naturally concentrate on the central issues it is reasonable to look around at other aspects. This is inquiry number three. First there was the Hutton Inquiry which looked into the death of Dr David Kelly. It was followed by the Butler Review, a sort of Inquiry but with a name change hoping to impress. It must have failed in that respect as now we have Chilcot.

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