CCTV and the Prime Minster's mouth

"I've got nothing to hide"? (wrong again!)

Looking for the man with the mouth! Looking for the man with the mouth!
It's time to feel sorry for Gordon Brown, or so they say. The man has suffered enough from his Rochdale mishap; is it time to put the errant Mrs Duffy, who caused all this grief, back in her box? The foundation of this sob story is that the remarks by the PM were made in private, in effect the nation has spied on Brown. None other than Peter Mandelson has suggested that Mrs Duffy should not have "buttonholed" the PM and asked questions about student fees, the UK's financial situation and, worst of all crimes - immigration. In effect how dare a member of the public question the politburo. What rubbish!

Who is watching those watching us?

we can fight back

Courtesy of Tory Bear

Daring Davis

He has dared and WILL win

Fine balance Fine balance
Dr Bob Spink, UKIP's latest acquisition, voted in favour of the 42 day detention plan. Thus he voted with Nulabour and against his old party the Tories. His explanation for this was that -

"he had to consider his 8,000 constituents who work in London, the front line of the terrorist threat".

But when Spink left the Tories for UKIP it would seem this group of his constituents were not the main reason for the move. In fact it is hard to see how any of his constituents played a part in the process, as he was expelled from the Tory Party. Also Dr Spink said that, along with many other MPs of all parties, he would be -

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