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Thinking aloud, should it be, allowed?

Was it better years ago, before climate change?

Ford Popular, like the horse, ideal in the snowFord Popular, like the horse, ideal in the snow
Winter, a disaster for some but an opportunity for others? So here we are, not even the New Year yet but the weather has brought us down. In countries with a tradition of very low temperatures there is the concept of 'cabin fever'. This affects people who stay inside from the fall of the first snow until spring and, as a result of their self imposed imprisonment, they go a bit mad. Oh dear I hear you say! Remembering that 'stay inside' is the advice of the 'authorities', of all stripes, who don't wish you to experience their ineptitude first hand. In an age of air travel a larger than ever number of UK residents have had experience of winter in countries where a lot of snow is to be expected. I have watched snow blowers at a small rural airport in Canada clear a runway in a blizzard so a mid-sized Boeing jet could take off. It was -20C and just minutes after take off the runway was again covered. The journey to and from the airport was done in a small Toyota with snow tyres and was both safe and done at a reasonable speed. By contrast we have all seen the pictures of life in the UK, even gritting lorries have gone into ditches; from the top to the bottom of the great pyramid of public servants it seems hard to find anyone able to do it right. Years ago it was deemed reasonable to suggest we have in the UK "the wrong kind of snow". Increasingly it looks as if we have, as a nation, the wrong sort of attitude and the wrong sort of public servant too.

The new London bus

Taking the public for a ride, and other stories

New London bus New London bus
Nearly there, the new London bus takes another step closer to production and the streets of the capital. When Boris Johnson started on the campaign trail to be Mayor of London he made a lot of comments about bendy buses. As a well known cyclist Johnson came out with phrases like "being scraped to paste", this had a meaning understood by fellow cyclists' who have feared the things since their introduction.

Other people may have thought his comments had an ideological element to them as it was his predecessor, Ken Livingstone who had introduced the continental styled, and built, 'bendies' to London. Initial fears were that this would be too much of a good thing and a flop were routinely expressed. On this blog the bus, its design and manufacture were discussed HERE.

All could be well as the bus will be built in Ballemena, Northern Ireland by Wrightbus. This is a family run business and a success few people will have heard about. It currently employs about 1,000 staff and could expand to meet the London order. Ironically Wrightbus is a manufacturer and exporter of bendy buses! The company is privately run and warrants comparison with the DeLorean sports car project.

Listen to the things our Prime Minister says

And the difference between a prison and a trap is?

One can, one can'tOne can, one can't
Does our PM need help and advice with his PR? It is a well know fact that before leading this nation to the sunny uplands David Cameron worked in public relations. Mind you that was a long time ago, has he lost his touch? The question arises as the PM and his deputy have jointly written to the cabinet before it goes off on its summer break - "Dear colleague".... it starts. It's the letter a boss sends to his 'team', designed to both thank and buck-them-up. There's plenty to rake over but one line sticks out -

Our government’s purpose is to make two major shifts in our political and national life: The first is a radical redistribution of power from government to communities and people, to reverse decades of over-centralisation.

The EU costs us too much

Time to face the facts, gold plate not required

The elephant's in the room, again! The elephant's in the room, again!
Two articles one newspaper. First the Telegraph has this article by Philip Johnston with the title - 'Bad Laws: Labour has clowned around with our freedom', it is critical of the way we are governed. Few would disagree with what is written it's what is omitted that's the problem; for there is no mention of the EU. By contrast the second article mentions the EU but misses the point of it all. As so often pointed out on this blog about 80% of our law comes direct from the EU. It may take various forms but that's the origin. Some law is brought in to being in anticipation of EU adoption. Other law is gold plated by our public servants out of a messianic sense of duty to a superior and higher level of bureaucracy. Although stupidity will suffice as a summary!

Future leaders?

The Tory party conference

Annabel Shaw, who? 
Annabel Shaw, who?
When Boris Johnson started his campaign to become Mayor of London, the political elite, apparatchiks from all parties and assorted journalists were caught on the hop. The rest of the nation saw it differently. They could see beyond his effortless performances on 'Have I got news for you.' He was seen as the least political politician in the UK, this they liked a lot. Viewed from across a crowded street most 'real' politicians look the same, when they speak it's not much better, the minor differences only adding to the irritation. Political journalists are even worse.

Boris became MoL but for some the bewilderment carried on. Ridiculous predictions such as: “Boris would be bad for the environment,” did not come to pass nor did babies die and Londoners were not reduced to making tea by boiling the bark from trees. Even so in some places the fight went on, certain parts of the BBC have never given up the fight. This was the foundation to the recent Boris Johnson/Jeremy Paxman interview.

This year's Tory Party conference was bound to be awkward for David Cameron, the MSM would see to that, or so they thought. But, far from being damaged by the EU question the Tories seem to be doing just fine.

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