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National news should be put to peer review

hockey-stick graphhockey-stick graph

Clever Richard North in his Tiger Woods Index shows us how the MSM is obsessed with trivia such as the Woods' affair whereas the general population is more interested in issues such as Climategate. Nonetheless the BBC is trying its best to maintain its normal patronising PC view. It has even had 'a leading climatologist' to rebut the CRU hacking- none other than Michael Mann, one of the infamous hockey stick graph fraudsters. Obviously this little fact was not mentioned. Watts Up With That has a fascinating article detailing the scam to eliminate the medievel warm period.

Nation shall speak, sometimes

Selective broadcasting

Real warming, Booker's bookReal warming, Booker's book
When it comes to Climategate we all knew the MSM would attempt, via denial, to shove this into the corner. It's both an education and a bit of fun to see who is carrying this story and who is not. But it's the BBC that has gone all weird.

According to Richard North on EU Referendum, it is long-term global warming reporter, Christopher Booker who has pushed them over the edge, North says -

“Interestingly, Booker had a BBC radio broadcast (about his book) cancelled because of the controversy. It's not that they don't know – its head-in-the-sand time”.

Clearing up after the party

Post Question Time questions

Clear up soon? Clear up soon?
If you have had enough of Nick Griffin and the BNP to last a lifetime, there's been a lot of it about, then spare yourself the following. Go out into the fresh air and do something. If on the other hand you, like many others, have spotted that we are into new territory then perhaps you are curious as to which way things will go. Rather like clearing up the mess after a children's party let's tidy up after the British National Party, you never know what you might find.


Nick Griffin takes off

Flight of fancy?

Hurricane K 5083 Hurricane K 5083
The BNP and the Spitfire, how typical this is; just as the most numerous allied fighter aircraft in the Battle of Britain was the Hurricane, the most important parts of the BNP story are being overlooked. The BNP has legitimately gained its position in UK politics. It seems to conform to the requirements laid down by the Electoral Commission the official body charged with looking into these things. The votes cast for the BNP at the recent Euro elections have an authenticity about them not found in the elections in Afghanistan, that puts Nick Griffin ahead of Hamid Karzai. So what is the problem?

Perhaps two things, failure and fear. It's funny how so many people fail to understand the political position of the BNP. The know-alls of the left routinely say the BNP is “far right”.


Nearly there with the economy?

Just hang on

Nearly there? Nearly there?
In free climbing you are obliged to hang on. We are told that Gordon Brown's idea of a good time is to watch videos of his favourite football team, Raith Rovers; but you never know, perhaps our PM has been watching free climbing and getting ideas, just hang on, onwards and upwards.

It was clear that this recession would come to an end at some point, they all do. It was also clear that Brown would try to cash in, rather like the surfer waiting for the wave to take them into the shore, a free ride. But enough of these sporting analogies, we all knew Brown would simply hang on, nothing skillful or noble just pathetic.

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