Baroness Vadera

Going green, going wrong

Post-neoclassical endogenous growth theory, or so they say (see Footnote)

Things can only get better? Things can only get better?
There is a great deal, as one might expect, to read about Baroness Vadera (see right) and her stupid "green shoots" remark, well here is a little more. Vadera is a close confidante of Gordon Brown, indeed he selected her to be an adviser to him on account of her vast intellect. And perhaps that is where it goes wrong. If we go back a long way when Peter Mandelson was working with Gordon Brown to create what we now call Nulabour, the arrival of Tony Blair was secondary. The decision of Mandelson to drop Brown and become a disciple of Blair came after Mandelson's 'conversion', after he saw the light and realised that Blair was the better all round general purpose Messiah, and so more likely to get the Nulabour project off the ground. But originally it was Brown who picked Mandelson. Gaffe-prone Mandelson eventually goes to the EU and, while he is away, Brown selects Vadera, two duds in a row you say. Well indeed, but look who did the picking.

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