Angela Merkel

Merkel makes a mess of it

Stupid German crashes euro

goodbye, auf Wiedersehen?goodbye, auf Wiedersehen?
Just weeks ago all of the UK political parties had their own somewhat unrealistic hopes and fears for the future following the general election. A hung parliament was indicated by some polls, however, the variations between polls was too great to take this to heart and there were distractions. Typical was the term balanced parliament, this is ridiculous, what does it mean and what was wrong with the old term? A hung parliament means just that. But balanced implies beneficial equilibrium, this is contrary to what a democracy needs. It must be possible for a majority to make changes, did some media guru invent the term?

General Motors, the EU and Opel

Together we fight!

1939 Opel Kapitan, German US cooperation 1939 Opel Kapitan, German US cooperation
An ever closer union? That depends on many things. Opel for example, where to start? Well today the workers at Opel in Germany are on strike. Industrial action in Germany is rare and so Germany is held up as an example to us all. But the workers are on strike because the parent company is in recovery so need not proceed with the sale of Opel. From this we may deduce that the German workers preferred the takeover by a Canadian conglomerate funded by a Russian bank with a bit of history. What sort of example is that?

Blair, Merkel and chickens

Buying influence?

"No Herr Blair, keep them in your trousers""No Herr Blair, keep them in your trousers"
Are you bored bored by the 'will he won't he get the job' stuff filling the media? Well if you are, this is not for you. A while ago Tony Blair made an announcement concerning his testicles and that job, see HERE

The same old problem

Franco-German motor

Franco German alliance in colour Franco German alliance in colour
The metaphor to describe the inner workings of the EU and where it gets most of its motive power, the Franco-German motor or, the Franco-German alliance, is common enough. So is the criticism of it. In the Economist is a list of complaints about the way the EU is run and written from the point of view of the old Eastern Europe.

Complaints of this sort are a ritual and we can either conclude that they will go on forever, as some hope the EU will, or that one day the EU will fall apart just like the old Soviet Empire; which, as we are talking about the old Eastern Europe, takes us full circle.


Attention this confederation is reversing

Stop! Stop!
Forgive me if I laugh but here (see right) is the official photo released to the world following the Saturday meeting of the EU's great and good. They met, if you remember, to 'fix' the economic crisis that is causing so much grief, so it's all brave smiles for the camera, except for the gent to the left of Nicolas Sarkozy. To the right of Sarkozy is Angela Merkel who up to that meeting had, as far as this crisis is concerned, been the big clunking fist. Germany under Merkel was holding firm and not going to panic, like Ireland, and offer bank deposit safety promises.

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