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The financial crisis and the EU, will it ever, 'go away'?

The future of the euro?The future of the euro?
Well the Greek financial crisis is back in the news again. Mind you there's been some stiff competition of late, the royal wedding and the death of Bin Laden for example. But what we read about Greece is different, less dramatic, stale even, as it's about a year since the Greek bailout was announced. Also the root of the problem goes back such a long way it seems boring. It's not only Greece too, since their problems became newsworthy Ireland and Portugal have taken a turn. All the way through this saga there have been suggestions that the euro was, as a grand project, ill conceived and has been poorly managed since its introduction. The past behaviour of euro-stalwart Angela Merkel, taken as an example, shows that nerves are frayed. In real business, as opposed to the make-believe of the EU, there's a point when a failing venture is closed down. It goes into bankruptcy to avoid 'pouring good money after bad'. The point to remember with the EU is those doing the pouring are using other people's money. It's not for them to face up to reality.

Don't mention the war?

Certainly don't talk about the costs!

A 10, expensive lossA 10, expensive loss
The war, actually it would be churlish not to mention it as so many people have put so much effort onto it! But not in the case of Angela Merkel, her effort has gone into staying out of it. Although she does this for the same reason as Nicholas Sarkozy who is desperate to play Napoleon and lead the willing. Both have a domestic agenda. Both see the Libyan crisis as an opportunity to tip the polls in their favour. So that's a united EU then! By contrast Barack Obama seems to have dithered and then been engulfed by events. Even though US forces are dominant, so far, it still makes him look more foolish than wise. The final big name in this is David Cameron. He does not have elections at home looming, thus so far has fared better than others in the, sadly, all important image stakes as it would seem his motives on trying to establish a NFZ are less complicated. Even so he has made the odd mistake. For example saying that Libya is "not another Iraq", how does he know that?

But back again to Merkel, she's tried all sorts of things, like creative accounting to inflate the German economy. This involved the German government borrowing money from German banks then passing off these transactions as evidence of how well Germany was doing! She has declared that multiculturalism has failed.

The no fly zone meets the no oil problem

Merkel the mouth, again!

Merkel quick to moan, slow to helpMerkel quick to moan, slow to help
Oh how funny! Also typically hypocritical. About a fortnight ago Angela Merkel, the Guardian told us, had been angry -

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has sternly rebuked the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, in an unusually fractious telephone call, according to media reports.

Regime change, home and away

Cameron, Islamic extremism, Egypt and more;what a muddle!

Just another  demonstration in LondonJust another demonstration in London
I was told by a committed Marxist that autumn was the best time to start a revolution, the proof here being the Russian revolution, generally given as starting on the 25th of October 1917. Well times have changed, Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt have all decided to go now. Looking at Egypt reminds us of the invasion of Iraq. On the one hand most people in the UK wanted a 'better Iraq', on the other hand the problem was that we did not know what better was. It's clear that a lot of the MSM is floundering and they do not understand the complexities. Some of the organisations involved in these uprisings have had either a formal link to the UK or have been in the shadows. In both cases they would have been the reason Melanie Phillips wrote Londinistan.

It was this book, published in 2006, that explained the muddled political thinking behind allowing such people to set up shop in London. From the highest level in the Government down to the police and local authorities and through many layers of public servants on the way this muddle allowed some very nasty people to do as they pleased. The muddle was founded on multiculturalism, the opium of the civil network. If there ever was a need for a 'war on drugs' then multiculturalism should have been the target.

Merkel and multiculturalism

The Chancellor talks about one problem but avoids others

Angela MerkelAngela Merkel
What to make of Angela Merkel and her comments on modern Germany? See the response from the Guardian and the Telegraph. This is a rather complicated situation with several powerful ingredients. There is Merkel herself, the symbol of a united Germany. The multiculturalism of which she was speaking can be seen as either a race or religion based concept, or perhaps both. Then there is the economic aspect behind her comments, modern Germany, the EU and the collapse of world markets that are giving Germany the jitters. In other words it's something for everyone, something to latch onto or to reject. Always a darling of the liberal/left Merkel will have upset many of her fans. Much as the liberal/left have created Obamamania, they have drooled over Merkel. Born behind the Iron Curtain and now the leader of the largest country in the EU. Thus assumed to be the de facto champion of the EU and a woman.

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