Jo Moore

Brexit, the first 100, and now nearly 200 days.

The Remoaners show their contempt for the voters.

Osborne, standing up for what? Osborne, standing up for what?
Brexit, we have had the first 100 days, it slipped past unnoticed and now we are on our way to the 200 mark. It's a tradition that politicians like to tell us their plans for the first 100 days after getting into office. But this time it's different, it is the other way around. We the voters had the plans for ourselves, we voted Leave. Then the idea was the politicians got on with the job of getting us out of the EU. So for them the fun has gone out of it all! Prior to the June 23rd vote many politicians assumed Remain would win. A typical example is George Osborne who is on record as having admitted he did not 'understand' people outside of London who were angry with both Westminster and the EU. Osborne suggests they felt 'disconnected', this tells us a lot about him. His remarks are classic blame-shift as it was not the voters who were remote but the politicians like himself who had lost touch with reality. But then you could say there's very little Osborne understands. He has indicated he is proud because Birmingham will next year have an election for the post of Mayor, but this fails to spot that Birmingham has in the past voted against having a Mayor!

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