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The MSM - it's both what they write and what they leave out

All about it?All about it?
As far as real news is concerned we are at this time of year in the doldrums. So it's lucky for the MSM that Elton John and David Furnish have become both mothers and fathers, simultaneously, for the trifling sum of $19000. It's news like this that gets us all going eh? Obviously news-space has been limited so some stories have been truncated. Thus the London Evening Standard has a story with the title -

December was coldest in 120 years

We get the facts, and if you will pardon a pun, just the cold facts. At no point in the story is there a sermon on climate change or global warming. So what's going on then, is the MSM dropping the mantra? Perhaps they think we can work it out for ourselves, namely the whole thing was a con and we will no longer take the lecture? So this leaves the question why did they go on and on about it for so long?

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