Scotland referendum

Scotland, NO means NO?

Alex Salmond, the luck runs out and there never was a plan, sunk?

Salmond and the SNP sunk?Salmond and the SNP sunk?
So Scotland voted NO? In general when dealing with politics it's wise to stick to facts. Over on EUReferendum Richard North has crunched the numbers and neither David Cameron nor Alex Salmond can claim they have the full support of their people and so act 'on their behalf'.

The trigger for the current referendum was, of course, David Cameron, who became prime minister in 2010 on the back of a 36.1 percent Conservative vote, on a turnout of 65.1 percent, giving him a mandate of 23.5 percent. 

In the Scottish Parliament election, though, the turnout was a mere 50 percent, and Mr Salmond with his SNP, the driver of yesterday's referendum, snuck in on a list vote of 44 percent, picking up a mandate of 22 percent. 

This blog has always had doubts about a Scottish referendum with Salmond involved. Back in 2007 we published this, all these years later what we wrote then still holds -

Surely an independent country responsible for its own affairs is also responsible for its own revenue? Relying on taxpayers from abroad, the English, would not be an option.

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