The Leavers say thank you!

Brexit means exit for two significant politicos.

Boris gives the Remainers a headache. Boris gives the Remainers a headache.
During the Brexit referendum campaign many alliances were made and new friends found. No doubt for the Remainers this is awkward, it brings back the memories and the hurt, but for the Leavers it's different. We are getting back to normal catching up on jobs in the garden and around the house and planning a little 'thank you' party sometime soon. It's in this mood we say thank you to two characters who have in their own and very different ways made a huge contribution to the referendum result.

First Boris Johnson. One of the features of the result is that the political establishment went into this referendum secure in the knowledge they would win. How did they know this? Because they had asked people who they could trust to tell them what they wanted to hear. Then proving their stupidity they believed it. In other words having started out rather detached from political reality they enhanced their isolation. Now Johnson has never been detached from public life in the same way that other politicians are, it's as if he defies gravity and more besides. He does as he pleases and the public like him for this.

His contribution to the Leavers was immense. He raised spirits and gave hope in a way no other politician from either side of the debate did. His critics will say he peddled lies about the EU.

UKIP and Paul Sykes

Money is only part of it.

An open letter to Paul Sykes, who by virtue of his support for UKIP is a big story of the moment. Several reliable sources have offered opinions upon this. See EU Referendum and Witterings from Witney.

We are told Sykes is not a UKIP member, this detachment might be useful to help keep things in perspective. And let's hope he is on the electoral register. Another UKIP donor, Alan Bown was not when he gave them money. The problem here was that it is illegal to denote in such circumstances, see HERE.

Dear Mr Sykes,

I am totally in agreement with you regarding our membership of the EU and I do hope that UKIP wins a great victory in the EU elections. However, I feel that it is important to think about any proposed referendum with great care.

It is by no means certain that there would be a vote to leave the EU. UKIP proclaims that it is a simple matter of just leaving by repealing the European Communities Act 1972 and that’s about it. They are wrong.

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