It's the world we live in - part 1

Looking at the way the police and other public servants perform.

The lovely Robin Hood airportThe lovely Robin Hood airport
So you want to be a Commissioner for the Police? That's the new fangled job that's going nowhere at the moment. Alarm bells are being sounded, and not just by the Tory faithful. And who is to blame for that you may ask? Reports like these - HERE and HERE show that the bar has been set very high, and rumours suggest this may be deliberate. Theresa May is keen for you to know that it was not supposed to turn out this way. But it has. It is on record that the police did not want this idea and sought to rubbish it when it was in the early stages prior to the general election. So are we seeing the end result of 'friends in high places?'

The very idea of elected police commissioners ruffled many feathers, not least in ACPO, an organisation never shy of going in for political manoeuvres. Put simply there is nothing wrong with the general public having a say upon who is to be serving them. The police, like so many other people, are public servants.

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