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The Prince and the Pauper, unequal treatment for those who would complain

Boots ahoy!Boots ahoy!
Despite what the press would have us think most people are normally ambivalent about the House of Windsor. When, for example, Prince Charles paid a visit to the Somerset Levels in flood the MSM followed him around as if this visit was very important. After all here was a man who has opinions on just about everything, not least 'climate change'. However, this boots in water moment might have been for the press and assorted public servants a moment to treasure but in reality was simply a circus. Charles thinks he knows best and thinks knows enough to be taken seriously and he's not above using his position to write to the government. True we can all do that but not with the same expectation.

But now after nine years of trying by the Guardian it looks like letters sent by Charles to government ministers and officials will be made public. The attorney general, Dominic Grieve, had blocked their publication despite a court action clearing the way for this. As we see all sorts of silly reasons why these letters should not be made public have been put forward. It is bad enough to suffer the distortions of a representative democracy but allowing Charles to influence in a way not open to all is totally wrong. The MSM gives far too much attention to this man and not enough to attempts to bring forward direct democracy.

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