regime change

Regime change, home and away

Cameron, Islamic extremism, Egypt and more;what a muddle!

Just another  demonstration in LondonJust another demonstration in London
I was told by a committed Marxist that autumn was the best time to start a revolution, the proof here being the Russian revolution, generally given as starting on the 25th of October 1917. Well times have changed, Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt have all decided to go now. Looking at Egypt reminds us of the invasion of Iraq. On the one hand most people in the UK wanted a 'better Iraq', on the other hand the problem was that we did not know what better was. It's clear that a lot of the MSM is floundering and they do not understand the complexities. Some of the organisations involved in these uprisings have had either a formal link to the UK or have been in the shadows. In both cases they would have been the reason Melanie Phillips wrote Londinistan.

It was this book, published in 2006, that explained the muddled political thinking behind allowing such people to set up shop in London. From the highest level in the Government down to the police and local authorities and through many layers of public servants on the way this muddle allowed some very nasty people to do as they pleased. The muddle was founded on multiculturalism, the opium of the civil network. If there ever was a need for a 'war on drugs' then multiculturalism should have been the target.

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