Baroness Warsi

Prejudice, if we all have it does that make it normal?

Are political skills in decline as activism and tokenism take over?

The Segway, a bright new future? The Segway, a bright new future?
Prejudice consists of things we like and things we don't such as: the Segway, gay B&B goings on and Baroness Warsi. What a nightmare! A minefield of madness with the overbearing stench of political correctness thrown in for good measure. We start with the Segway That's right the super-geek's mobility scooter. The transport of choice of that 'going nowhere man' Lembit Opik. It has been formally banned from roads and pavements in the UK by District Judge Michael Rosenber. Several people I know whooped for joy upon reading that!

It's not just the perennial attachment of Sparebit Opik that has done for the image of these things, it's more. What is it for? It appears to serve no useful purpose being a latter day, and upright, incarnation of the Sinclair C5. This, for those of you who cannot remember, was a horizontal attempt at the same thing; transport for fools. It had a battery, so was declared Green. Even in 1985 this was an ace, so was played to win by people who thought they had seen the future. But other than to warm the hearts of the "look at me" types it did nothing sales wise and was a commercial failure. Perhaps the Segway will follow?

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