Dodgy helicopters?

Not an uplifting tale to tell

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Spin, in the political context, is a big part of the way thing are done in the UK. Almost a month ago we wrote Spin is back . In this post we pointed out that Nulabour's helpmate-cum-spinner, Damian McBride, had his thoughts dutifully printed in the Guardian, Daily Mail, Spectator and on the BBC website, maybe other places too.

News management is one thing but a news blackout, how do they do that? Over on EU Referendum Dr Richard North has a disturbing tale to tell, see HERE.

Election fraud - UK style

Vote early, vote often

Global free & fair elections.
They're our colours!Global free & fair elections. They're our colours!

The crisis in Kenya shows how important it is to have an honest voting system which is trusted and results in democracy. In Kenya and many other countries international observers are there to say whether the election was clean. In Kenya they were very forthright and could state definitely that the votes cast did not relate to the votes announced in certain areas. Their electoral commission has said that there might be problems, whereas in the UK, the quango that is our electoral commission definitely states that there are immense problems, suggests ways to overcome these and is utterly, totally ignored.

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