Resilience, Russian style

Russia fights the cold war of winter

50 Years of Victory (what's in a name huh!)50 Years of Victory (what's in a name huh!)
For most of the now snow-free UK, it's back to work; so was the thaw evidence of global warming? However, over on EU Referendum Richard North keeps up the pressure, as well he should. For the climate scientists (as pure as the driven snow?) have a lot to answer for. Here we are in the age of cut backs so why did our airports and other transport systems come to a stop in the recent bad weather? Was it because the authorities sought to save money and so did not bother with all the snow clearing equipment? Or did they heed the predictions of the scientists about snow becoming unknown and feel the money would be better spent on other things, like diversity and equality projects?

What does 'resilience' mean?

Time to get angry and riot?

Time to get angry?Time to get angry?
All things come to an end and it looks as if the snow is going, for now. Fazed by the bad weather, the typical UK resident let the failing UK authorities get away with all sorts of tricks, like turning off the heating in airport buildings despite the fact the buildings were now home to many stranded travellers.They simply lay down on the floors and shivered. Why do we do this? In Moscow the travellers are made of different stuff, here they had a riot when things went wrong, see HERE.

As mentioned before on this blog, it snowed last year and chaos ensued so the UK went for what it does best and had an inquiry. Perhaps it's not just our authorities that are useless but we, the citizens, are too. It would seem the present government think so, or at least they think they can get away with treating us as if we will fall for another cheap trick. The latest wheeze is the idea of government by petition. It's an insult rather than an addition to democracy. The last government gave us e-petitions and we could all see through that for it was a stalling device, a way a getting the steam out of an issue and, as a trick, it worked. Now we see the coalition doing the same thing; are we surprised?

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