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Be careful what you say

It's not what you say but who says it that counts

One man and his bossOne man and his boss
Lord Young, the Prime Minister’s enterprise advisor and Brian Cowen, Taoiseach of Ireland, one goes and one stays. The good Lord was, just before his departure, made Peer of the Year at The Spectator’s annual parliamentary awards. This would have followed a good lunch with journalists, hmmm, was there drink involved? Brian Cowen, now he likes a drink and says what he thinks too. The point of the Young case is that he was an advisor, that's all. The PM could ignore his advice if he wished, that is he could ignore his advice on enterprise, however, it would seem his after dinner remarks cannot be ignored on any subject. Is that odd or what? Also, Young has never, in 40 years of being part of government, taken a salary; in his shorter time in politics Cowen has cost his country dear. There is evidence that what Young said was not so wide of the mark either. Again this contrasts with Cowen who has clearly failed to understand the economic problems of Ireland.

The whole concept of an 'off hand remark' is interesting.

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