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Giving up on God

I believe you're wasting my time

No good will come of itNo good will come of it
There's nothing like choice. If you like sport, cricket in particular, then the ongoing story of corruption in the game is for you. If you remember Alistair Campbell then the wall-to-wall coverage of the Andy Coulson story will be worth a look. It's a fact that when it comes to the big heavy Sunday papers most people throw the business and financial section away. But within these pages can be found some real horror stories. It was here that the possibility of the recession was first reported long before we had stories and pictures on the front page of Gordon Brown saving the financial world. But the real iceberg story is anything to do with Islam. For years now sensible people with a mind to do a little research have understood that WYSIWYG does not apply here. What you see, what you get and how to deal with it confounds more than a few. Prince Charles has told us he thinks Islam is a "peaceful religion" and, following the London 7/7 bombings Sir Ian Blair as head of the Metropolitan Police claimed they had "nothing to do with Islam". With fools like these what next? The wake up has been slow but has started. Ed West notes -

The ultimate origins of the anti-religion movement go back further, to two events in 1989: the Rushdie affair and the fall of the Berlin Wall. As a result of the latter, which coincided with the discrediting of democratic socialism in the West, the political Left scattered into different tribes.

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