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New broom required for UK politics

More than voting reform is essential, splitting parties up would help

new broomnew broom
You could, if you had a mind to, pity the Labour party. For that's what it has become, the prefix has been dropped, so no more 'New' Labour or Nulabour. It's back to where it was all those years ago. Either through shame or a desire to try something new the party changed its name following the 'Wilderness' period of 1979 to 1997. So within the lifetime of many voters we've had the pre-prefix, prefix and post-prefix years. I know many of these voters can't tell one phase from the other! We now see that the 18 years from 1979 onwards were started then maintained by an internal party feud. So history repeats itself and most voters who lived through the period can't describe the factions involved or the arguments of those days either; and can you tell one Miliband from the other today?

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