David Davis, the real star of the Tory conference?

Civil liberties, found only at the fringe

David Davis MP David Davis MP
David Davis - if you mention his name in some quarters the reaction is extreme. There's a person I'd describe as 'traditional Tory', who goes into a tizzy and talks of a "toys out of pram moment"; this refers to Davis resigning from his parliamentary seat on a point of principle. It's like a man thing that is, real men don't do this. However, Davis and his principles are also misunderstood in more leftward leaning circles, look no further than the Guardian and dog-in-the-manger Michael White, here it would seem it's simply traditional leftie tribalism. It's tempting to assume that, as Davis upsets such a broad spectrum of people, he must be doing something right!

ACPO and hypocrisy

Political policing, again

The gravy train, don't get left behind!The gravy train, don't get left behind!
According to Gilbert and Sullivan, "A policeman's lot is not a happy one, happy one". Perhaps true then but would seem to be wide of the mark, for some officers, now. For here we are in the age of the cutbacks but for the lucky ones the gravy train chugs along as if there's no problem. The police, we are told, will get £150million in bonuses.This headline from the BBC (see link) is not quite perjury, but then neither is it the truth. The fact is SOME officers will get a bonus, not all. The BBC gives the credit for their source to the Daily Telegraph and even their headline - Police receive bonuses just for doing their daily job, begs a little care, see HERE.

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