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Broken Britain?

The authorities, whose side are they on?

Scared of this, why? Scared of this, why?
For many people Hackgate had become boring. Hence, or so it would seem, the outburst of activity that we now call, 'the riots', was so joyfully seized upon. In Hackgate the hapless trio, MPs, the MSM and the police proved to the public how evil gangs fighting turf wars can ruin lives. So how unfortunate that the back streets of some cities thought it was their turn to do the same. Only the very foolish and naive were shocked by the revelations of Hackgate or taken aback by the riots and the post-riot recriminations.

Who can you trust?

The mobile phone, the tool for fools?

The mobile phone bites the hand of those who feed it, ha ha!The mobile phone bites the hand of those who feed it, ha ha!
Today is a good day for most the MSM. Not for the News of the World I'll agree, but the rest of the pack are whooping it up. The phone hacking allegations are high octane stuff and the story of the moment. As you might expect there's more to this than a quick look reveals. From the Spectator we get the following -

News International have allegedly handed emails to the police that show Andy Coulson as editor of the News of the World authorised payments to the police. If this was true, it would be illegal.

Oh how funny! We can't trust the press to regulate itself, but the police? Oh that's just fine! I shall be laughing all day at this.

Even more laughter when you remember that just days ago when whinging about the proposals to reform the police Sir Hugh Orde said -

ACPO and hypocrisy

Political policing, again

The gravy train, don't get left behind!The gravy train, don't get left behind!
According to Gilbert and Sullivan, "A policeman's lot is not a happy one, happy one". Perhaps true then but would seem to be wide of the mark, for some officers, now. For here we are in the age of the cutbacks but for the lucky ones the gravy train chugs along as if there's no problem. The police, we are told, will get £150million in bonuses.This headline from the BBC (see link) is not quite perjury, but then neither is it the truth. The fact is SOME officers will get a bonus, not all. The BBC gives the credit for their source to the Daily Telegraph and even their headline - Police receive bonuses just for doing their daily job, begs a little care, see HERE.

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