The Big Society

The Big Society versus chilling out

Big society or cafe society, which to choose?

Gosh! Cafe society looks to be both fun and fullfillingGosh! Cafe society looks to be both fun and fullfilling
I have a feeling that before the general election few people took much notice of David Cameron, or anyone from the Tory Party for that matter, going on about 'The Big Society' (TBS). While this was one of Cameron's pet subjects, he did indeed go on about it a great deal, there was so much else to consider. For example there was the economy, a subject both complex and boring. Most people knew, instinctively, that the cuts like the hidden costs would be considerable when they came to be known. There was also the ghoulish factor, watching Gordon Brown and Nulabour disintegrate.

Another thought was that the Tories would get an overall majority and quietly drop TBS having only talked about it to make them sound a bit leftie. Well here we are in the age of the coalition and now here comes TBS for real. Now imagine this is the TV show University Challenge, "your starter for 10 points and no conferring, what is The Big Society"? - - - - - - - - "I shall have to hurry you"! As so few people I've challenged seem neither to know nor care I think Cameron has got himself into trouble here. I wonder if some Tories are annoyed about this? If so it's their own fault. So c'mon, TBS, what is it?

If you search you will find opinions galore on what might happen if TBS goes right.

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