An example of French dress sense?

Cross party consensus versus one man and his money?

The burka - keep your money in your pocket Mr Nekkaz?The burka - keep your money in your pocket Mr Nekkaz?
"One to watch", as they say. The French have taken a stand on the burka, with some force too, only one MP voted against introducing the ban. This is going to be very interesting as an opposition movement is being formed, funded by a wealthy Algerian, Rachid Nekkaz.

He insists that the ban, which was approved by the lower house of parliament on Tuesday and is set to be ratified by the senate in September, is "anti-constitutional" and a move that could put France on a slippery slope towards greater intolerance.

Well it does all depend upon what you think intolerance is, Nekkaz also said -

I think this would never happen in the United States or the United Kingdom … France is a country which is not scared to compromise its principles, he said.

Unlike the typical country where Islam is the majority religion? Lessons on intolerance to the French might not be a good idea. France was very welcoming to black jazz musicians at a time when mixed race bands were not possible in the United States. In another report we see how this move had true cross party political support.

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