Zakir Naik

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More on this to come?

Zakir Naik Zakir Naik
Back HERE it looked as if the 'let's be nice to nutters', the policy of the previous government might continue in respect of this mans desire to come to the UK. However, as reported HERE the the Home Secretary has seen sense.Good! This does more to reduce political extremism in the UK than Nulabours constant bleating about the BNP ever did. As always it's actions that count.

Man of peace?

Nasty Naik to stir up trouble

Zakir Naik Zakir Naik
When Geert Wilders wanted to come to the UK there was quite an upset. All sense of reason was abandoned leaving the field clear for the likes of Lord Ahmed to make threats about the visit. Well here comes more trouble in the shape of Dr.Zakir Naik. If this man comes to the UK it will be interesting to see who complains. According to the Times one city on the tour is Sheffield. Now as Nick Clegg is the MP for Sheffield Hallam, it will be an issue on which he can be expected to speak, but what can he say? Is the new Deputy PM in a bit of a fix here? Perhaps whatever he says inflames rather than cools the issue down: "I agree with Nick" maybe a remark from the past now. Nulabour and the previous government has always set itself up as an expert on subjects such as social cohesion and the BNP. Well now is their chance to speak up, as unlike in the general election there are no votes hanging on this issue, one of the joys of being in opposition, I'm sure we all await their words of wisdom!

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