Lembit Opik

One to watch?

Or should that be one to avoid?

On again!On again!
When Michael Portillo left parliament in 2005 he went full time into the media. I have an awful feeling that's what will happen to Lembit Opik who lost his seat recently. Failed politicians with no sense of shame tend to flourish in the media. I say tend to, there are exceptions, Neil Kinnock springs to mind. He was on after the Nulabour General Election meltdown doing the rounds, one studio after another, explaining something, I'm not sure what though and doing it badly as is the Kinnock way. But I still think the general drift here holds true. Just imagine Portillo gets influenza or gets stuck the other side of the world due to some volcanic ash cloud, how's Diane Lardybott going to cope with sitting next to Opik on the Daily Politics Show sofa, or for that matter Andrew Neil? The BBC has fallen in love with the LibDems so an ex-LibDem MP with a working knowledge of asteroids, well what could be better, or worse?

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