Hung parliamnent

Hung parliament dynamics

The UK's third world moment starts here

MPs, hang the lot of them!MPs, hang the lot of them!
So the polls have spoken, possibly the fraudsters too although as is the way with politics in the UK (think immigration) this will be swept under the carpet for as long as possible. The spinners working for all parties must be close to exhaustion. The Nulabour team have gone from the impressive to the downright delusional, the party's fate looks sealed. For the Lib Dems (and the BBC?) it must have been hard to see the TV 'success' fail to transfer into votes. Although this was bound to happen due to the weakness of Lib Dem understanding of the way a majority of people in the UK view their love of the EU. The pollsters will now begin all sorts of backtracking, anything but face the facts, they got it wrong. For the Tories there will now be the 'if only moment', rightly too. They made many mistakes and will get, if they continue to be foolish, only one chance.

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