Icelandic banks

Modern government, expensive and incompetent

We are mugs to put up with this.

Dennis fire engine 1955 Dennis fire engine 1955

We write in praise of Richard North, noted for his blogging and writing,who has fixed his sights on the fallout from the Icelandic ash cloud. The best explanation available of this starts HERE (1). The articles are in date order, (2) and (3) finally (4).

This is far from the first major subject to be analysed by him: the swine flu fiasco, the performance of the UK military in the Iraq war and the great global warming scam are typical big subjects that he has covered. When the Icelandic volcano erupted and the ash cloud drifted towards the UK there was, at first, an air of merriment about it all. Following the collapse of the Icelandic banks, the UK and Iceland went a bit soft on each other. Naturally the UK MSM took it out of the errant Icelandic bankers, big time, but the UK was not without blame either. Eventually it was seen that the UK Financial Services Authority did not act wisely, if at all. So big country versus small, they've been slogging it out in the press ever since.

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