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The Vicky Pollard moment The Vicky Pollard moment
First we had pressure on cancer patients and then GPs as emails and mailshots were sent out seeking to get patients and health professionals 'on side'. Cancer patients who received the personalised cards, sent with a message from a breast cancer survivor praising her treatment under Labour, said they were “disgusted and shocked”, and feared that the party may have had access to confidential health data.

Then the case of the Twickenham GP, whose name has been withheld for fear of retribution, contacted the Conservatives in fury at the attempt to make her sign a petition. The GP expressed concern that Amy Fowler, a development officer for the Labour Party, obtained her work e-mail address, which she claimed is not publicly available. Naturally Nulabour, the party most in favour of ID cards and the database state, denies these allegations.But now we have the Vicky Pollard moment.

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