election hustings

Democracy in action?

Oh dear

Put a cross not a tickPut a cross not a tick

We attended a hustings last night. The timekeeper was late so we had to wait ten minutes. When she arrived we could start? No. We had a class in democracy. This was taught by a man who ran a private neighbourhood consultancy company!

Hello- what is this? Who bets we are paying for this under some 'community involvement' scheme? Is this company responsible for the tsunami of brochures, magazines and leaflets (mostly of a red nature) coming through our letterboxes this last month after five years of being totally ignored? Anyway, this company director, who had difficulty in the formation of sentences, told us - with the use of a screen - that:

  • there was an election on May 6th-
  • we lived in a constituency-
  • there were four wards in our constituency-
We were then asked:
  • what an MP did - why are we so polite?
  • Why we should vote -
  • To tell him what the photo on screen was - Palace of Westminster, House of Commons etc

By this time the brain was bleeding quite badly. The initial questions were on:

  • Gaza and the dastardly Israelis
  • Bins and recycling....

The brain problem had got really bad so we slipped out.

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