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Constable would be furious

How to make a country ugly

A future ruined for most.A future ruined for most.
Our gardens are disappearing because of John Prescott's egregious change in their listing as brown- rather than green- site. They are going for housing; no planning permission is required in my city and small houses are being rapidly squeezed into back gardens where formerly there would have been space to play croquet. Front gardens have become bin and car parks.

Wind farms are ruining landscapes and seascapes, producing very little energy and decapitating birds. Local objections to planning permission can be overruled by central government 'for the greater good.'

We now find that animal welfare cannot be used as a reason for rejecting planning permission. This from a government that has spent hundreds of hours claiming, ostensibly, humane credentials regarding the hunting ban.

The countryside is still beautiful but for how long? Many of our towns and cities have been turned into cloned malls and soulless rows of the same high street shops and ring roads. Is it now the turn of the countryside?
A future for our cows?A future for our cows?
A Nocton Dairies representative has said: “ Cows do not belong in fields”. If Nocton Dairies have their way, Lincolnshire could become home to the first 'super-dairy' housing more than 8,000 cows kept indoors for most of their lives. The aim is to produce a quarter of a million litres of milk a day.

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