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Thin blue line or thick red one?

Who will vote on this, who gets to decide?

Thin blue lineThin blue line
Back HERE we praised George Monbiot for his article on policing, which highlighted the misuse of the anti-terrorism acts. Political policing is a fact in the UK not some airy-fairy point in a debate. Another fact is that the Guardian may parade itself as a liberal newspaper but it is from first to last a political paper. So along comes an opportunity for the paper to run an article rubbishing Cameron's plans for elected senior police officers, who would be accountable to the public, and they wade in with gusto the article may be signed by Mark Townsend, home affairs editor, but equally could have been written by a spinner from ACPO; it's kiss-and-make-up time! For this is no calm analysis, then put-down, we are told -

Senior police officers have launched a ferocious attack on David Cameron's law and order plans, warning that they will corrupt the traditions of British policing and undermine public confidence in the justice system.

And that's just the start, all the way through it's the same hysterical tone, there's nothing rational or forensic about it. It fails to convey an argument so fails to convince. So over the top and macho it's no better than a written version of 'kettling'.

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