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The Greek economy and the UK elections

Bad news buried by election, but for how long?

Do not bury bad news Do not bury bad news
It was clear that once Gordon Brown had gone to Buckingham Palace to initiate the process that starts the final run to a general election, news reporting would change. From now on only the discovery of Elvis Presley, alive and well, will knock the general election off its perch. Events that a month ago were 'big' and are still going on now languish. The Nulabour spin machine, its powers and performance always oversold by the MSM, got itself into trouble for coming up with the concept "a good day to bury bad news"

Remember the PIGS? Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, reckoned to be the EU members in the most serious financial trouble and a wonderful acronym for the copy writer. Some analysts suggested that Italy should be in there too. Well you will have to dig deep now to find out the latest on these countries in the UK MSM. The story is effectively buried for the near future.

The funny thing about the EU is it sells itself on the notion of 'an ever closer union' but the nonsense of one size fits all is obvious when you look at the MSM on a Europe-wide basis. The German MSM, ever conscious of the fact that what ever happens in the EU its citizens seem to end up paying for it, took a home based approach to reporting the financial crisis. Hurrah, nationalism lives! For the Germans the handy PIGS acronym was no use at all.

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