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George Monbiot on our liberty

Moonbat on a new subject, at last!

The Stasi get stuck inThe Stasi get stuck in
We all have a role in life. Posh Beckham is tasked with tottering around on stratospherically high heels and looking gaunt. They do say she now has bunions, the gaunt look comes with eating very little and having your back teeth removed, ouch! On the other hand we have George Monbiot. He has also suffered for his 'art'. In his case it was his role to bore two pairs of pants off the nation. First, as a lad, droning on about global warming, which in time became climate change. Then came the great event when the light shone on this 'science' and the truth became clear. It must have been a shock akin to phasing out steam trains for railway enthusiasts.

But Moonbat is back on his feet and has written about policing in the UK This time no sane person could disagree with his words.

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