Rod Liddle

Kim Jong il and Diane Abbott (what?)

North Korea, Hackney North and Stoke Newington march together?

Rod Liddle and Diane Abbott, they 'don't get on'. Mind you the BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme was once edited by Liddle and was as bad way back then as it is now. Abbott is, it would seem, employed by the BBC for the same reason it employs many people, they think she is entertaining. Dear old beeb, wrong again! She is horribly grating in manner and a talent-free zone. However, of the two I would side with Liddle, he can be funny.

Writing for the Spectator Liddle has made poking fun at Abbott a regular feature, his latest effort HERE is both hilarious and shocking. A school in Hackney, Abbott's constituency, has a stupid white man (SWM) as a headmaster of one of its schools. This we can see for ourselves as he has got himself and some of his pupils on YouTube performing a rap song about a famous black person (FBP).

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