British Airways, stupid airline

Unfit to fly?

Air travel 1954 happier times!Air travel 1954 happier times!
Is this part of a 'fight-back' and one led by an ordinary man? It's not easy to like air travel and British Airways is especially difficult to come to terms with, based on its treatment of Mirko Fischer, who was told that he could not sit next to a child passenger, see HERE. The position taken by the airline is ridiculous. Why move him? Why not move the child and the family? This pompous attitude may get you ahead in inner-city social services but has no place in an airline. Such a business, 'a people carrier', appears to totally fail to understand people. This crass behaviour, however, also affects the staff. Nadia Eweida is claiming against the airline see HERE who would not let her wear a crucifix. At the root of both of these cases is the ever present mania of PC. Fly British Airways? Personally I'd rather walk!

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