British Airways

It's that airline (British Airways), again

BA humiliate another passenger but this time is forced to payout.

Mirko Fischer Mirko Fischer
Normally if we are told there's a battle involving British Airways it's assumed to be the one of airline versus union. In this battle it's hard to feel sorry for either BA or Unite, neither comes across as a natural underdog deserving our sympathy. Furthermore, even when employer and employees work as one, this combination fails when airline meets volcanic ash cloud, so travel disruption when they fight each other is passed off as more of the same! Hence the story of an individual, Mirko Fischer taking on BA, again when employer and employees work as one, and coming out the winner is good news. The Independent carried the story and the Telegraph gave their report the headline, BA 'made businessman feel like child molester'.

BA, Nulabour and Unite

Brown 'saves the world' but can he stop the strike?

Up and away?Up and away?
It's just like the old days with the MSM full of comments about the upcoming British Airways' strike. It's years since we've had a good strike; Nulabour has had it easy with no awkward industrial disputes to deal with and show leadership, or even common sense. But then with not much industry left in the UK it has not been too difficult for them on that score. Gordon Brown told us he had got rid of boom and bust, cynics would say just one not both! It is also true, says Brown, that the current bout of financial woes "started in America". But what of the origins of this strike?

British Airways, stupid airline

Unfit to fly?

Air travel 1954 happier times!Air travel 1954 happier times!
Is this part of a 'fight-back' and one led by an ordinary man? It's not easy to like air travel and British Airways is especially difficult to come to terms with, based on its treatment of Mirko Fischer, who was told that he could not sit next to a child passenger, see HERE. The position taken by the airline is ridiculous. Why move him? Why not move the child and the family? This pompous attitude may get you ahead in inner-city social services but has no place in an airline. Such a business, 'a people carrier', appears to totally fail to understand people. This crass behaviour, however, also affects the staff. Nadia Eweida is claiming against the airline see HERE who would not let her wear a crucifix. At the root of both of these cases is the ever present mania of PC. Fly British Airways? Personally I'd rather walk!

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