E.ON hedges its bets.

A moment of reality?


The scandal that is ClimateGate,the US weather data manipulation,the head of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri's conflicts of interest, Himalayan glaciers which are not melting, seas that are not rising very much and hurricanes that are not increasing; details on some of these facts are slowly beginning to appear in the mainstream media. We even have E.ON, usually a prime advocate of 'green' energy as a cash cow, mentioning that it would be perhaps wise not to permanently close all our coal fired stations, just in case and being allowed to write this in the Guardian! He is telling us to defy the EU no less.

Ageing coal-fired power stations should be exempted from environmental regulations and kept open to stop the lights from going out, the chief executive of E.ON UK has urged the government.
Paul Golby told the Guardian that some of the coal and oil-fired plants due to close this decade because of European pollution regulations should remain operational and ready to come online during periods of peak demand such as those experienced in recent weeks.

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